Two Rivers Soccer Camp was founded by Dick and Pat Schwendinger who continue to direct the camp with the same care and dedication which has been a hallmark of Two Rivers since 197l. Dick Schwendinger coached soccer at the collegiate level for over 20 years where his teams won Conference and Northern California Community College Championships. Because of his in-depth knowledge of the game, he was the play-by-play and color commentator for the radio and television broadcasts of San Jose's Professional Soccer Team, The Earthquakes.


Dick personally hires and trains the outstanding coaches and counselors. The camper/staff ratio of 4:1 is the lowest of any quality soccer camp in the U.S. You will be assigned a personal coach for maximum soccer help and a personal counselor to attend to your safety and welfare. The coaches are advanced level players and teachers from Europe and the U.S. The counselors are all carefully selected college students from across the U.S. and other countries. A nurse and / or first aid trainer is on call at all times and Two Rivers has two nearby hospitals.

The Following Soccer Notables Have Been Staff Members At Two Rivers Soccer Camp

Martin Reagan Two Rivers Director of Coaching 1989-2003. A former Head Coach of the England National Women's Team 11yrs, former English Soccer Professional for 12 yrs., English Full Badge Coach, President of York Co., England., Football Coaches Assoc.
David Haley Two Rivers Director of Coaching 1996-2009. FA Qualified "A" License Coach.
Paul Child Former NASL leading scorer of the year.
Manny Hernandez Now a Retired Educator, Former U.S. Collegiate "Player-of-the-Year." Coached several "Parade" Magazine High School All Americans.
Lincoln Phillips Goalkeeping specialist. Represented Trinidad/Tobago national team. Goalkeeper coach for U.S. National Team. Serves as clinician in all parts of U.S.A.
Art Welch Former NASL Player, held record for number of games in NASL.
Jack Hyde Coach at San Francisco State, U.S. Football Association Full Badge Coach.
Terry Fisher Former Head Coach for L.A. Aztecs and San Jose Earthquakes, former Head Coach at UCLA
Dave McCarthy Dave McCarthy has been with Two Rivers Soccer Camp since 1997. “A” license coach.
Roy McCrohan English, 1st Division Player. NASL Professional Head Coach, Club Director in Florida.
Jozef Dudic Jozef has been with Two Rivers Soccer Camp since 1997. Former professional player.
Ron Futcher Former professional player with 20 years of professional experience. Head coach at Thomas Danby College in England.
John Hyndman Goal Keeper coach, activity director and college educator.
Sam Sharman Sam Sharman has been with Two Rivers Soccer Camp since 2006. He is an “A” licensed coach. Played for Sheffield United – first division in England, several years. He currently directs our soccer program.
Greg Downs First division in England Coventry and played on the FA cup winner.

Director of Coaching Sam Sharman