Camp Location & Facilities

Two Rivers Soccer Camp is located in Graeagle, California (approximately one hour from North Lake Tahoe and/or Reno, NV) nestled in the majestic Sierra with two rushing streams boarding the 40 acre site. This historic facility has often been referred to by parents as “a little slice of heaven” - a great place to spend a week or two of your summer.


Two Rivers Soccer Camp

P.O. Box 297

Graeagle, CA 96103


Directions from the Bay Area:

Take Hwy/Fwy 80 north toward Sacramento/Reno. When you get to Truckee, CA, look for Hwy 89 (just north of Truckee). Take Hwy 89 left toward Sierraville/Quincy, CA. Stay on Hwy 89 going in the direction of Quincy. Hwy 89 comes to an end outside the small summer resort community of Graeagle. This is the junction of Hwy 89 and 70. Turn left on Hwy 70 toward Quincy. At the junction of Hwy 70 and 89 you are approximately 3 miles from Two Rivers. At that distance, start looking for the Hwy Road Sign that reads "Two Rivers Road". Turn left at Two Rivers Road. It is unpaved. Park in the parking lots at the bottom of road.


There will be someone from Camp in the parking lot that can take your heavy and awkward luggage and transport it to the Two Rivers Recreation Room where campers can gather their luggage after they check in at the Camp Office. No vehicular traffic allowed on training grounds and camp property except Camp "Transport" vehicles.


Directions from Reno:

Take Hwy/Fwy 395 north toward Susanville, CA. About 20 miles outside of Reno, start looking for Hallelujah Junction.Turn off at Hallelujah Junction to hwy 70 toward Quincy/Portola cities. Stay on Hwy 70 passing through Portola, CA. When reaching the junction of Hwy 70 and 89 continue on Hwy 70 for approximately 3 miles. Look for Hwy Road Sign that reads "Two Rivers Road". Turn left at Two Rivers Road. It is unpaved. Park in the parking lots at the bottom of road.


Scheduled charter services are available from the Reno Airport. Click here to download the reservation form.


Boys & Girls ages 7-17

Located in Graeagle, California

Summer office- (530) 836-2869

Winter office- (415) 928-6902