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What Two Rivers Parents Have To Say:



"I still remember my time at Two Rivers in the 1980s, and I get to relive that experience each year when my two daughters attend the camp. Soccer was a big part of the experience, but mostly I remember the great setting, the friends I made, and the fun activities. Back then there was a halfway submerged log in the river that functioned as a makeshift balance beam. When kids bounced on the log it created a great game where the objective was to be the last one standing - or plunge into the refreshing water below.  Thirty-plus years later, not much has changed… except I think the log is gone. But the essentials haven’t changed. It is still the same world class soccer camp placed perfectly in a unique mountain retreat that makes it so fabulous. Now I send both of my daughters there each year and get to experience the camp vicariously through them, which might actually be a sweeter experience!!!"

- Joe Helmer



"In my opinion there is no better soccer camp on the planet than Two Rivers. From the pristine soccer pitches to the picture perfect surroundings and the mind-blowing setting, Two Rivers Soccer Camp is truly a remarkable place! I was fortunate enough to get to spend eight summers of my adult life coaching at Two Rivers; my only regret is that I was never lucky enough to be a camper. The coaching is world-class and the counselors might just be the best people on earth. The only thing that might be better than the soccer training sessions are the unbelievable off-the-field activities that Two Rivers offer. As a new father myself, I cannot wait for the day that I get to send my child to camp."

- Roman DuChateau, Head Women's Soccer Coach at Lassen College 



"This summer will be the fourth year our daughters, now 11 and 13 years old, have attended Two Rivers Soccer Camp.  They LOVE Two Rivers ... the soccer training is outstanding with dedicated and experienced coaches from all over the world.  The friendships they make are most memorable.  The setting is absolutely magical  -- between the Feather River and Jamison Creek.  The management of Two Rivers is top notch – family owned and operated since 1971.  The owners are hands-on, educators, soccer players and outdoor enthusiasts.  This is the best camp, by far, our daughters have ever attended and they look forward to their special time at Two Rivers all year long."

- Elizabeth, San Francisco



"From the moment we arrived we could see the high degree of care that you put into the program at Two Rivers. The camp itself was charming, and beautifully cared for, from the many rustic cabins and buildings dotting the grounds to the impressive soccer fields nestled in the woods. We have since described the camp to friends as a traditional family mountain camp with amazing soccer fields and training. Your staff was gracious, helpful and welcoming from the moment we arrived, and we felt as if we were handing off our daughter into the hands of friends who would take great care of her for a week. This was our daughter’s second year at Two Rivers and I expect that many more of her friends will want to come to Two Rivers this summer…..good news travels fast! Thanks for all you do” 

- Michelle, Menlo Park



"To the entire staff at Two Rivers. My daughter Shannon had an incredible experience attending your soccer camp during week six this summer. She especially liked the enthusiastic and dynamic cabin leader and amazing trainer who was motivating and encouraging and provided valuable feedback on Shannon’s skills and effort. As a high school teacher, I have directed and worked in many different summer camps for the past 26 years and yours is one of the best. Your staff is professional, vibrant and caring. Shannon came home enriched, tired and a better soccer player. We are thrilled! See you next summer."

- Mike, Larkspur



"Let me take the opportunity to tell you how much both my daughters have enjoyed their experience at your camp over the last two summers. Their game skills and knowledge are perceptively improved when they return home after spending a week in your program. Both girls will be playing on their all-star teams this weekend. We are really enjoying watching them grow with this sport and grow in their confidence in themselves. Thank you so much for your contribution to this growth”. 

- Collen, Reno, Nevada



"My 12 year old son attended last summer at Two Rivers. He came back with a huge new confidence in his game, a new mastery of skills and a new understanding of positional play. Wow, the soccer confidence has even translated to his school and social life and even his home life. When we picked him up from his week at Two Rivers he was filled with stories and excitement of his time at Two Rivers Soccer Camp. We told him it was the best money we have ever spent!" 

- Rachel and Tony, San Francisco



"My son has attended this camp for 4 summers and always looks forward to returning year after year. It is situated amongst the Sierra’s and is truly a beautiful place to spend a week or a summer! The staff is terrific, they come from all over the world for the love of soccer and they enjoy teaching their knowledge and passion for soccer. The living quarters are wonderfully nestled amongst trees and paths and when you are there you tend to think this is the “be all end all”. This camp has such a unique atmosphere with the meticulously cared for soccer fields that compliment the rustic cabins, activity center and lodge building and all of this over a bridge that spans the “Two Rivers” which the kids delight in throughout their weeks stay. Send your son or daughter, you both will be greatly rewarded with the experience. Thanks for all that you do Two Rivers, sending Sammy to Two Rivers has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent." 

- Laura, Danville

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