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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Two Rivers Soccer Camp was started by Dick and Pat Schwendinger in 1971. Dick and Pat dreamed of having a special place for boys and girls to gather and learn the sport of soccer in a setting like no other. Two Rivers is now experiencing second generation families whose parents once attended Two Rivers and whose children are able to attend the camp they remember so well!

Where do you find your coaches and counselors?

Two Rivers Soccer Camp is built up of a remarkable staff of “A” licensed coaches from Europe and the United States. These coaches combined with a crew of hand selected college students (also European and American) all pursuing careers in coaching or teaching make up an excellent group of adults who are there to service the children and make it the best experience possible.

What else do the campers do when they are not playing soccer?

The Two Rivers program is a unique combination of excellent soccer training with a blend of traditional camp. When off the soccer field campers can choose from a variety of activities during three activity periods each day. Hiking, fishing, arts and crafts, basketball, volleyball, tubing down the river, archery, gold panning, badminton, making survival huts, scavenger hunts and capture the flag just to name a few. Each evening the campers engage in an all camp campfire, BINGO night, skit night or carnival night to end the day.

What is the difference between the Development Training Program and the Select Training Program?

You and your child can choose from two soccer programs. Although there is no difference in skill level, the difference lies in the amount of hours devoted to training per day. Development trains for two sessions per day for a total of 3 1/2 hours (taking the afternoon session off for a longer activity period). Select training trains for a total of 3 sessions per day for a total of 5 hours of training. You can also add a training focus on center forwards or goalie training which would take place in the afternoon training session, therefore they would need to be registered in the Select program for this option.

What is the Soccer Plus Program?

Soccer Plus is a two week program for those truly interested in continuing their soccer training over a two week period. We’ve combined the training with some off camp site activities that allows the campers to experience some wonderful “lifetime” sports. Each afternoon of the second week the campers participate in an instructed afternoon of golf, tennis, hiking, horseback riding or high sierra activities. These activities give this group a chance to see some beautiful country which surrounds Two Rivers!

How many campers reside in each cabin and can they room with a friend?

The cabins at Two Rivers are typically made up of 8 campers with a counselor to each group who resides in the cabin with the group. Some of the older campers reside in larger dorm like accommodations. You can request a roommate and we will do our best to accommodate those requests. There is a benefit to making new friends at camp so counselors are instructed to encourage campers to branch out and practice their friend making skills.

What is the return rate for campers?

Two Rivers is built up of wonderful families who have enjoyed our program year after year. We average 50% returning campers each week.

Is there a nurse on staff and where is the nearest hospital?

There is always a nurse, trainer or first aid person on staff 24 hours per day. We are very conservative with our injuries or health issues so any health concern above and beyond a first aid issue is taken to the Quincy hospital for further examination which is 15 miles from camp.

What if my child becomes homesick?

Missing home is a normal part of growing up. We work very hard with those campers who may be experiencing signs of homesickness. We tell our campers it is very normal to miss home and that it is OK to feel that way but also not to dwell on their sad feelings. We help them by encouraging them to stay positive, stay busy and make their families proud. It is our goal to encourage them to make it through the week and fulfill their commitment. Periodically a camper will be experiencing a more severe case of homesickness and after 24 hours we will contact the family and work together on a possible solution. Do Not Tell Your Camper prior to coming to camp that if he or she is not happy that you will come get them or that they can come home. Having an “out” often sets the camper up to fail. It is hard for the administration to help the child who has already given up because their parents said they would come pick them up if things feel uncomfortable. Working on a successful week is a much better goal and strategy!

What kind of food do you serve?

After all of these years of doing camp, Two Rivers has mastered the kitchen! We combine a healthy and hearty menu which caters to children and staff alike. Each meal offers a vegetarian and meat entrée along with a salad bar offering fresh fruits and salads. Campers are required to drink a full glass of water at each meal to ensure hydration. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and or pasta are almost always offered as an option if you aren’t finding something that suits you that mealtime.

What do you sell in the Camp Store?

The Two Rivers camp store hour is one of the best parts of the day. It’s a time to relax, socialize and enjoy a well deserved treat after a day of training and activities. Fruit smoothies, Gatorade, ice cream, nachos, soft pretzels and pop corn are just a few of the items we serve in the store. There are also Two Rivers memorabilia available at the store such as sweatshirts, hats, shorts, backpacks, etc. Camp necessities can also be purchased if any camper is in need or has forgotten something (toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, chapstick, bug spray, etc.). Parents will set up an account before arrival to camp and any left over monies will be returned to your credit card upon departure.

Is there a camp director on site?

There are several directors which live on site full time during the summer at Two Rivers. This ensures that our program maintains its high standards! The directors are also always available to assist any child needing additional help outside of their cabin. Parents are always welcome to contact a director at any time during the summer. We are always available!

What if I need to get in touch with my camper?

Gaining independence is a large part of camp. The camp schedule is also very busy and does not allow for calling home. You are welcome to send letters and we suggest sending it within the first two days so that it arrives on time. Remember, no faxes, emails or care packages while they are with us. Call our office anytime with questions or concerns. There is someone in our office from 8 - 5 and we check messages frequently after hours for emergencies. Be sure your camper is aware of our NO ELECTRONICS POLICY.

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