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What we do?


In 2014 we founded our Bay Area program, with the aim of providing a little bit of our camp experience to soccer players in San Francisco and surrounding areas.


Soccer Club


Our Two Rivers Bay Area Soccer Club now has over 200 youth soccer players competing in the San Francisco Youth Soccer League. We start as young as pre-school & kindergarten with our Mini Kickers program which provides an intro to soccer within a Fun, Healthy and Safe environment. We start playing official games at U8 competing at the Recreational level to allow our children to learn and develop their love for the game. As we progress at different speeds we assess the teams at the end of each season and look at whether we need to change our level of play. So far we have had three teams progress to competitive soccer at the competitive level.




After several requests for half day/ day clinics & camps we embarked on providing these experiences on Holidays and School breaks. These clinics have both been open to all and set up for friend groups and teams. Get in touch below if you're interested!


Private Training


Now since 2016, we have started 1-on-1 coaching sessions, these sessions are tailored to the child and parents needs, we look at what you want to improve on and provide a plan for how we will do this. Within these sessions we have been using an App which provides visual feedback for technical aspects of training.


Get in touch...






Phone: 415 928 6902


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